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Santa Paws is coming to town....

He's making a list and checking it twice and he's found out who's been naughty and nice...

Santa Paws is coming to Stover Animal Rescue.

Meow Mission, Inc. has high hopes that we can find 28 people to donate $30 each and give each dog and cat at Stover Animal


Each dog will receive:

A Jolly Ball (10")
Dog treats
Durable dog chew toy
Flying disc interactive toy

IKEA mat for their kennel

New dog blanket (handmade with love)

The cat rooms will get the following:

Spiral chew toys
Electronic cat toys

Catnip wall balls

Cat treats


Catnip toys

Motorized wand toy

Scratching posts (2)

Interactive cat toy (2)

New cat blankets (handmade with love)


Santa Paws is coming to town....png
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