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Want to get more involved in helping your community's free-roaming, unowned cats?  Here are some great benefits that volunteering can offer you:

The chance to give lots of love to felines who don't have families.

A chance to show off your favorite fashions.

A chance to craft lots of great stuff.

A chance to receive love from some very grateful kitties.

The cuteness factor.

We have some volunteer opportunities:

  • Trappers-we provide humane traps to trap community cats to transport to partner clinics with education on doing it the correct and safe way.

  • Transporters-we are looking for team members that can transport community cats from their overnight holding location to clinic

  • Overnight holding locations for community cats pre-op and post-op (minimum 2 overnights) to re-cooperate.  We need volunteers to house the cats in humane traps, provide care after proper training, and food.  We provide all supplies needed.

  • Trapping instructors-we will provide training on the proper way to TNR community cats and we need instructors who can travel to rural communities and train shelters, rescues and individuals who are interested in providing TNR.

  • Event planners and desk staffers-we hold events and fundraisers and are looking for team members that can volunteer to promote our mission.

  • Veterinarians and vet technicians to offer spay and neuter clinics-we are looking for veterinarian partners who can work with us on providing spay and neuter clinics in communities and will consider offering rescue discounts for outreach.

  • Social media marketers-we need experienced volunteers that can help us with our social media campaigns.  Flexible schedules available.

  • Administrative-we are seeking team members who can provide volunteer duties such as checking and responding to emails, phone messages, managing spreadsheets, updating website, and other fun duties.

Fill out our printable Volunteer Application here.  Or you can access our fillable Volunteer Agreement here.

Please contact us for more information at 660-723-6016 or at  We'd love to hear from you!

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