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How Can We Help You?


Food for Felines

We offer feline food for owned pets in need or community cats for caretakers who are experiencing hardships.


We offer TNR education to rural shelters and rescues and funding (when available), as well as TNR to colony caretakers of cats to decrease the overpopulation.


We partner with shelters and rescues within the service area to provide outreach efforts with regard to TNR; sponsorship  and networking of long-term cats in the system.


We provide emergency medical funding and outreach funding to get owned cats spayed and neutered  (as available) to families who are experiencing financial hardships and want to keep their feline pet.

Questions and Answers

Q:  How do we apply for help with food or getting cats altered?

A:  Please fill out the outreach application.  We ask that you allow 5-7 business days for us to review your application and get back to you with a response.  Approval is based on funding resources at the time of your application.  If we are not able to help with funding at the time of your application, we will keep you on a wait list or direct you to other resources to help.

Q:  Once we get approved, how does the program work?
A:  We will contact you at the contact information you provide to discuss in detail.  If you are approved for food, you will need to make an attempt to come to our monthly mobile pet food pantries in Warsaw at the community building upper parking lot or in Sedalia at Liberty Park community building north parking lot on the last Saturday of each month.  If you are approved for help with medical or TNR, we will make arrangements with you to get your pet or colony cats to an approved veterinarian who has a partnership with us and offers a rescue discount.  Funding will be paid directly to the veterinarian or clinic.

Q:  Does this cost anything?
A:  Approval will depend on your income and will be evaluated by our volunteers/board.  There are several factors that are taken into consideration: the need(s) of the pet, resources available, etc.  We may be able to help with a portion of the cost or we may be able to fund the entire cost.  Your situation will be evaluated at the time of the application as our resources change frequently.  However, we will do our best to help you or provide you with other resources.  As of 10/1/23, we are asking for a $10 co-pay for cats and $20 co-pay for dogs to be spayed and neutered.  We understand if you aren't able to pay that amount but we ask that you try to make reasonable donation if able to.  Donations are always appreciated and help us to continue helping pets.

Q:  Are the services confidential?
A:  Our volunteers are professionals with full-time jobs and who are career-oriented and all applications are kept confidential.

Q:  I would like information on TNR programs in my area.  How do I get more information?
A:  You need to email us at and we will contact you directly to discuss.  We are very passionate about municipalities starting TNR programs and will make every effort to provide detailed instructions, visit your area, etc.

If you have additional questions that we can help you with, please email us at



1.  Download the form:  Save the fillable outreach application as a PDF by clicking "Save As" and select "PDF" or do a "Save As" and save.  You will need to email either the PDF or the document once completed to  For questions, call or text 660-723-6016.

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